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Livv Housing Group needed to consolidate their staff into a single, sustainable workspace that would promote community, flexibility and collaboration.


We worked closely with Livv Housing Group’s staff, board members, partners and community to understand their needs and aspirations.


An open and welcoming workspace that is centred around Livv Housing Group’s people and future. A supportive environment that caters to every task, mood and personality.
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Livv Housing Group’s recent rebrand focuses on their future vision and commitment to employees. It was an honour for us to partner with them and create a workspace that embodies their new identity and empowers staff to thrive.

Together, wherever

Livv Housing Group originally occupied two buildings. The traditional set-up, with rows of desks, enclosed rooms and fixed neighbourhoods, hindered team collaboration.

To adapt to hybrid working, Livv Housing Group needed a new space that would energise and welcome their employees, and allow for better community-building.

Mapping out a personalised workplace journey

Consolidating Livv Housing Group’s staff into one building not only reduced costs for the organisation but also fostered stronger team unity. 

To personalise the workplace journey, we created zones that cater to different needs, work styles and personalities. For instance, Site Operatives would typically visit the office for technical support or team meetings but, without a central hub, they felt disconnected from the rest of the organisation. We addressed this by introducing a dedicated tech bar and a central collaborative zone, where Site Operatives can connect with their colleagues.

Sustainable solutions

Sustainability was at the heart of our approach when designing Livv Housing Group’s new workspace. We carefully considered every detail, from the materials used to the energy consumption. 

We reconfigured the air conditioning system, included movement sensors that turn off heating and cooling in unoccupied spaces, and incorporated recycled materials and reused existing furniture to reduce waste.

By consolidating the workforce of 550 people from two buildings into one 15,000 sq. ft. space, we reduced Livv Housing Group’s carbon footprint by an impressive 50%. Their commitment to sustainability not only benefits the environment but also saves costs.

A collaborative redesign

The redesign was a significant transition for Livv Housing Group’s staff, so ensuring employees were a part of that journey was important. We worked with a group of Change Champions to ensure their voices were heard in all key decisions. 

To prepare employees for the upcoming changes, we created a video that was showcased during the launch event. Staff could visualise how the new space would work for them and get excited about their new environment.

100 days later

One hundred days on, we conducted a follow-up visit to assess the effectiveness of the new workplace and identify areas for improvement. This allowed us to witness first-hand the positive impact of the transformation.

The newly designed workplace has brought together different teams and strengthened the Livv Housing Group community. There is now palpable energy and enthusiasm throughout the organisation, which is a testament to the success of this project.

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