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About us
We are workplace strategy, design and build specialists.

One team creating and delivering inspiring spaces. We do this, by helping solve the greatest challenges faced by business leaders, including:

How do we cater for hybrid working?

Mass adoption of hybrid working means we’ve all needed to re-evaluate the role of our offices and the dispersed nature of work. When it’s supported in right way, a hybrid working model allows organisations to empower people to do their best work through collaboration, autonomy and flexibility.

Learn more about how we can support hybrid working.

How does our workplace support ESG and sustainability objectives?

We've committed to achieve net-zero by 2030. Part of this commitment is to deliver sustainable environments for our clients. With carbon assessments, sustainable design and people-driven design aligned with your business goals and ethics.

How much office space do I need?

With the changing face of commercial real-estate and dispersed teams it's more important than ever to have a data and human driven workplace strategy.

Read more about how we can help develop your workplace strategy

How can our workplaces attract and retain the best talent?

With talent now being accessible globally, you're office needs to work harder than ever to be a magnet for people to connect with your culture, creating spaces driven by purpose and human centric whilst communicating this can make the workplace and enabler for recruitment and growth.

Should we stay in our current building or not?

Should you stay or go? It's a question on most leaders minds post-COVID, we'll be publishing a series of free resources to showcase organisations just like yours and the decisions they've made.

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How we work

An integrated process

We've developed an all-in-one workplace project delivery solution from strategy to evolution. All services are in-house and connected by team collaboration and expertise.

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How we work


Workplace strategy is a process that defines your current office space and utilisation, giving you the tools to define how it can change and develop to support a future way of working.

See workplace strategy to find out more.

How we work


Workplace design can make work, effective, exciting, collaborative, or quiet. It should personify the culture, values, and brand of the organisation. Engaging both colleagues and clients with purpose design has the opportunity to enhance our work and life experiences.

Check out workplace design to find out more.

How we work


The office demands a new purpose – communicating change is one of the biggest challenges faced by organisations today. Real success happens when your people embrace the vision and become part of the journey.

See our activation and engagement services for more info.

How we work


A successful commercial fit out and construction project is based the integrity of actions and behaviours. Our core principles of workplace delivery are centred equally around quality, speed, safety and control with the pillars sustainability underlining everything we do.

See commercial interior build services to learn more.

How we work


Organisations don't stand still, customer needs are constantly changing as technology opens up new opportunities for efficiency, innovation, and disruption. It is essential for businesses to adapt and respond to these changes over time in order to maintain advantage.

Learn more about our Evolution and aftercare services.

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From our studios in Manchester and London, established national supply chain and hybrid work strategy we're able work with and deliver for clients nationally. See our work in major cities here:

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