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Create an aspirational Central London environment for Sodexo, demonstrating how a potential workplace could look and behave for clients.


Providing a full suite of services, from strategy to design & build, contributed to achieving an immersive showroom in just three and a half months.


The new space is flexible, editable and achieves twice the employee and client experience in less than half the space Sodexo previously used.
Welcome area in the Sodexo London office
Welcome area with Vpod in the Sodexo London office
A social space in the Sodexo London office
Social space in the Sodexo London office
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We created an aspirational environment in the heart of London that demonstrates how a modern workplace can look and behave for potential clients. Importantly, they had to do this whilst also supporting a global cohort of their core staff and activity

Show. Tell. Work.

Sodexo is a world-leading provider of facilities & property management and catering & food services. They operate in over 60 countries, with a vision to ‘create a better every day for everyone to build a better life for all’. We worked with them to define their Central London office into a true exemplar of how work and event environments can successfully adapt to any industry or company. 

It was clear from the beginning this would become about changing perceptions of what a workplace can be. Together, we were driven to create an exercise in comprehensively defining the purpose before moving on to the spatial aspects of a tailored solution.

Aligning the vision, function and design

With several objectives and outcomes, and several key stakeholders to seek input from, it was vital we could navigate from the strategy stage to the design & build process with consistency, agreement and alignment.

This had to be a place that was flexible, editable and easily curatable to accommodate diverse activities and events. The distinct modern work modes of focus and collaboration could then be reflected in this space as a result. We installed reconfigurable partitions that can be altered to suit any number of occupants and tailored to a specific activity.

We responded to ideas of connection and communication for face-to-face meetings within the built environment, with additional integrated technology solutions to enable remote collaboration. This ensures an increasingly hybrid form of work pattern for the modern workforce is considered from the outset.

People chatting in the welcome area in the Sodexo London office
People working in the welcome/social area in the Sodexo London office

Changing hearts and minds

There are several landmark metrics and measurables that point to the transformative nature of the new Sodexo workspace. Reducing their overall space by 50% delivers huge sustainability gains through carbon footprint reduction, and the operational savings follow a similar pattern. 

However, the ultimate success of this project came through understanding how to make the transition from practicality to aspiration. It became clear to the client exactly what an operational hub space could become with a shift in mindset and approach. This is something that can now be adopted for any decisions on their existing and future portfolio. 

As a showroom of products and services, it demonstrates what Sodexo can achieve for their clients – and enables them to fully imagine their own enterprise prospering in a similar space.

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