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To deliver a modern workplace that aligns with Dr. Oetker’s promise, culture and vision for the future.


We turned Dr. Oetker’s ‘move’ strategy into a ‘stay’ strategy by reimagining the potential of their existing building.


Employee needs are put front and centre, to enable teamwork, encourage innovation and empower people to do their best work.
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As an organisation that champions moments of togetherness, Dr. Oetker wanted their workplace to support creativity and collaboration, as well as process-driven work. We reinvented Dr. Oetker’s existing office and delivered an inspiring environment

Identifying moments that matter

Celebrating occasions and making people feel at home is at the heart of the Dr. Oetker brand. While their office supported routine tasks, planned meetings and focused work, the leadership team knew there was an opportunity to better facilitate collaboration, connection and creativity. 

We partnered with Dr. Oetker to deliver a workspace that would influence transformational change within their organisation.

To stay or go?

Before the pandemic, average desk occupancy was at 50%, so we knew there was scope to re-evaluate and optimise the space. Initially, we supported the management team in their plans to move to a newly developed area of Thorpe Park – but when the pandemic caused delays in the building development, we explored the option of reinventing their existing building. 

To reimagine the potential of Dr. Oetker’s office, we had to gain a deeper understanding of their culture, needs and vision. This consultancy work, which included a detailed building and structural review, staff surveys and engagement workshops, outlined their desired outcomes, challenges and possibilities. 

This process allowed Dr. Oetker to think about their existing office as a new canvas to draw on – and ultimately guided their decision to stay put.

Space for everyone

Dr. Oetker share insights, trends and experimentations with colleagues and customers, so it was important to have high-quality hosting facilities. The first-floor meeting suite features an impressive presentation kitchen, a point-of-sale area and a comfortable lounge for clients.

However, the primary focus of the new office centres around the employee experience. Following the transition to a hybrid work model, the core purpose of the office is to support collaborative tasks. To accommodate this, we struck a staircase through the upper floors to enable staff to see one another as they move throughout the building and designed spaces for informal meetings, social interaction, food development and creative work.

Thoughtful design choices

We worked closely with the brand team to select a soft and fresh colour palette and used natural elements that evoke familiarity and comfort. The cellular offices have been replaced with light and airy spaces to boost productivity and well-being and reduce energy consumption. 

Every design choice was made with environmental impact in mind, including reusing furniture, sourcing new materials and taking a sustainable approach to waste management. 

A place to be proud of

Experiencing the workspace first-hand has given Dr. Oetker insight into enhancing other areas within the building. For instance, the success of the visitor’s lounge influenced their decision to add a bar, and the uptake in collaborative areas encouraged them to introduce more touchdown benches. 

Dr. Oetker’s new office has transformed the way colleagues work and interact. It’s no longer a place where people sit with their heads down – it’s a playful environment that offers people choices in how and where they work. Since moving into the new space, teams that predominantly worked from home have opted to work from the office more frequently, which has created a buzzing and vibrant atmosphere.

"It was a real pleasure to assist Dr. Oetker on their journey to transform and reimagine their new home. The goal was to create a space where people could come together to connect with each other, reconnect with the brand and clients, and celebrate special moments while enjoying great food.
By bringing these special moments to the forefront, we aimed to contribute to the great culture that makes Dr. Oetker unique. Plus, the pizza and cakes we shared along the way were fantastic."

Grant Dean - Lead Designer

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