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To transform Entain’s traditional office at One Stratford Place, London into a forward-thinking workplace of the future.


Using evidence-based research, we co-created Entain’s new workplace and championed the process through end-user engagement.


The next-level office drives collaboration, innovation and hybrid working. It’s designed with flexibility in mind so that it can evolve and adapt over time.
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We partnered with Entain to deliver a 40,000 sq ft ultra-modern workplace that would represents what is possible for a modern office environment.

Time to level up

Entain, a global powerhouse in the sports betting and gaming industry, stands tall among the giants. It commands a formidable presence with renowned brands such as Ladbrokes, partypoker, Gala, and Foxy Bingo.

Yet, their previous office at One Stratford Place in London fell short of accommodating the demands of hybrid working and failed to mirror the essence of Entain's culture, commitments, and boundless growth aspirations.

As a company passionately dedicated to "bringing moments of excitement into people's lives," it became imperative for their new workplace to embody this ethos. It had to serve as an awe-inspiring hub, fueling innovation, fostering collaboration, and fostering a deep sense of connection among employees and with the brand itself.

Championing the change process

One Stratford Place is located in a prime location by Olympic Park Village, which offers excellent connectivity for their staff and visitors and supports their overall well-being strategy.

However, the building was challenging, and their generally traditional layout didn’t necessarily allow staff to choose how or where they worked dynamically.

The discovery and engagement phase helped us gain a deeper understanding of Entain’s challenges, needs and the kind of experience people wanted from the office. We ran interviews and workshops with team representatives, analysed their current ways of working and used the Leesman workplace experience tool to establish key drivers and co-create a workplace strategy for success.

Crucially, every step of the way, we actively involved the team, ensuring that the design of the workplace was shaped with the end user firmly in mind. By placing their aspirations and preferences at the forefront, we ensured a truly captivating and impactful office space that would invigorate innovation, foster collaboration, and foster an unwavering sense of belonging.

Game-changing technology

As global leaders in online gaming and entertainment, technology is at the foundation of everything Entain delivers.

Throughout the meticulously crafted floorplates, the tapestry of digital technology intertwines effortlessly, empowering a largely hybrid workforce with seamless connectivity. We’ve incorporated the latest innovations, including a state-of-the-art media and content studio, a sports bar showcasing high-impact sports TV throughout the day and a bespoke designed e-sports and gaming zone. These meticulously designed spaces beckon individuals to converge, fostering not only catch-up sessions and connections but also an uninterrupted stream of information and inspiration.

Sustainable design

This project has achieved several internationally recognised sustainable design and construction accreditations –SKA Bronze, FitWel Silver and BREEAM Excellent.

The new workplace operates on 100% renewable energy, significantly reducing Entain’s carbon footprint and bringing the Group even closer to becoming carbon neutral by 2035. By opening up the floorplates with a central amphitheatre and strategically positioning the built rooms closer to the core, natural light now floods the space, reducing energy consumption and costs.

We used sustainable SKA-compliant materials and finishes throughout the building. Existing carpets were re-used where appropriate and the remainder was returned to Milliken as part of theirtake-back scheme.

99%+ was recycled or reused across the entire project.

The new environment harmoniously aligns with Entain’s growth plans without needing a larger office space. The fusion of a flexible and efficient layout, combined with agile furniture, ensures a dynamic setting that can effortlessly evolve and adapt over time. This forward-thinking design embraces the ever-changing needs of the organization, providing a foundation that can be seamlessly reconfigured to accommodate future milestones and aspirations.

A view to the future

One Stratford Place has been transformed into a global expression of Entain’s brand. Within its transformed walls, partners, customers, and staff converge to ignite innovation and propel the business forward.

This forward-thinking project represents what’s possible for the modern office when you create a truly tailored, adaptable, inclusive workplace that supports hybrid working. It is a space that will serve as a cornerstone in Entain's future growth, empowering individuals to work and indulge in moments of play in a manner that resonates with their unique preferences and needs.

Keeping score: measuring success

This workplace is designed to adapt over time, using audits, user experience and occupancy data to guide decisions. Since handing over the project, we’ve held feedback sessions with Entain to understand how the space is working for them. By creating a flexible space, Entain is able to accommodate the ever-evolving needs of their people.

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