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To establish unity between brands and support evolving work activities, Flutter Entertainment needed an office that could support its ambitious growth plans.


Using data from our space utilisation study, we made better use of the office space, developing a diverse menu of work settings and social areas.


A purpose-led environment, providing the right tools and settings to connect Flutter Entertainment’s global organisation in the age of hybrid working.
One of the collaboration spaces in the Flutter Leeds office
People collaborating in the social space in the Flutter Leeds office
One of the social spaces in the Flutter Leeds office
A coffee point looking into a collaborative space in Flutter Leeds office
The library space in the Flutter Leeds office
A townhall meeting room in the Flutter Leeds office
People communicating in a social space in the Flutter Leeds office
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We designed and delivered Flutter Entertainment’s new eight-floor office space at No. 4 Wellington Place, Leeds. The new environment provides the right tools and settings to connect their global organisation in the age of hybrid working.

Enter the age of hybrid working

Global gaming giant, Flutter Entertainment, is known for its portfolio of leading international brands, including Sky Betting & Gaming, Paddy Power, PokerStars and Betfair.

Flutter moved their 1,400+ staff members from No. 2 and No. 6 Wellington Place into one building to establish unity between different brands and build an office fit for the future.

The office space needed to be adaptable and allow people to do their best work, supporting employees’ evolving work activities. The new environment empowers employees to change their space on demand to suit a particular purpose and activity.

The age of hybrid working

Data influences design

Conducted in early 2019 for Sky Betting & Gaming, our space utilisation study uncovered some interesting data. It found that they were only using around 44% of their workstations, with only 33% average occupancy of the entire office at any one time.

This influenced our design, sensibly supporting a 6:10 workstation to person ratio for current staff but taking into account ambitious growth plans.

To make better use of the new office, spaces were shaped for both independent and collaborative work, including workbenches, quiet pods, sit/stand desks, digitally enabled meeting spaces and separate ‘zen zones’ for relaxation.

Against the status quo, over 20% of the entire office is dedicated to non-working areas (for socialising, relaxing and recreation) to encourage a ‘one-team dynamic’ and connect people on a deeper level through social activities.

Identity and influence

We started the design process by looking at the building’s configuration. The sharp triangular shape presented an interesting challenge but lent itself to creating consistent spaces within each floor.

We used the nose of the building to create zen zones – geographically, this made sense, given the great views over the Wellington Place business district. The centre of the building provides an impressive sense of welcome and is reserved for social spaces. The rear is less exposed to sunlight, so is home to meeting rooms.

The look, feel and flow of each floor is influenced by the function it’s required to perform (forums, meetings, presentations, focus, lounge and social).

As an example, the bright and airy café was created using natural materials such as wood and plants to evoke a sense of calm. A south-facing outdoor terrace gives social events their own dedicated natural space, and the gaming space on the eighth floor encourages employees to socialise and have fun.

People chatting in a social space in the Flutter Leeds office
A coffee point overlooking a collaborative space in the Flutter Leeds office
People in the cafe area in the Flutter Leeds office
A neon sign in the gym in the Flutter Leeds office
People using the ampitheatre in the Flutter Leeds office
The cafe bar in the Flutter Leeds office
Details on the accoustic and lighting in the Flutter Leeds office
People chatting at one of the social spaces in the Flutter Leeds office

The biggest of its kind in Yorkshire

Great ideas move quickly

Delivering a fast-track build and design project for Flutter Entertainment within just six months meant that our team needed to be as methodical in the strategy and execution as we were creative in the design.

“We’ve had tears from one person who was just delighted to be back in the office. People are genuinely happy about the amount of space there is, the way the space has been designed and the way we’ve created specific areas that you can work from in a silent way or as a team. You can sit on your own or you can get 80 people together. There really is something for every different way people want to work. Truly hybrid.”

Michael Afflick, Head of Sponsorship, Brand and Creative at Flutter Entertainment

Transform towards success

When organisations truly support hybrid working, employees can connect to anyone, anywhere. Technology empowers people to be more efficient and ready for change, and improves productivity, collaboration and, ultimately, development for future success.

Flutter’s new office space cements their position in the heart of Leeds. In an ever-changing work environment, the building allows them to operate with greater adaptability and flexibility for their workforce. The contemporary and people-focused environment makes Flutter a highly attractive place to be.

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