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Support Kellogg’s with its relocation to its new UK HQ, by bringing its rich history and company culture into the 21st century.


Our workplace showcase allowed Kellogg’s employees to visualise their new HQ before it was built, which encouraged them to embrace, and be ready for, change.


Capturing the history and ambitious energy of the brand, the new flexible and tech-enabled office supports vibrant collaboration and innovation.
People using the meeting areas at the Kellogg's Manchester office
People using the social area at the Kellogg's Manchester office
People collaborating in the social spaces at the Kellogg's Manchester office
People using the townhall at the Kellogg's Manchester office
People using a meeting room at the Kellogg's Manchester office
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By engaging the people of Kellogg’s at every stage of the process, we helped a 112-year-old company plot its course for future success in Manchester.

Making people part of the journey

With a history spanning 112 years, Kellogg’s is one of the world’s most recognised household brands. But with the relocation of its UK headquarters to MediaCity in Manchester, Kellogg’s wanted to bring the company culture into the 21st century.

They wanted to create an environment that offered people the freedom to be more collaborative across all disciplines, with the technology and flexibility they need to do great work. At the same time, it needed to capture the rich story of the brand as well as its progressive, ambitious and vibrant energy.

With people engagement at the core, we enabled the company to realise this vision. We helped them move from a heritage site they had owned for nearly 30 years to a new space in a new location – with outstanding results.

Enabling business growth in Manchester

Engaging people turned challenges into incredible solutions

Although the idea of making such a momentous move could have overwhelmed some of Kellogg’s long-standing employees, our involvement equipped them with the knowledge and confidence to move ahead. By working together, we supported the leadership team on their transformational journey, and developed the skills and tools for them to engage with other key members within the organisation. So, from the outset, they were all working together to drive the project in Manchester forward.

A place where old and new work together

Moving a heritage brand to a modern building gave Kellogg’s the chance to transform their workplace in more ways than one.

Our design helped the company move from a traditional way of working to a new flexible, vibrant and collaborative style. And by engaging people early in the process, we were able to move them through the entire transformation seamlessly. In fact, they were ready for their new workplace well before it was ready for them.

Now, people at Kellogg’s work in a place in Manchester that inspires them to connect and work together. So, as the family of brands continues to grow and change, it can continue to work as one.

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