What is workplace strategy?

Workplace strategy is a process that defines your current office space and utilisation, giving you the tools to define how it can change and develop to support a future way of working.

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Data and analytics

Workplace design is a critical aspect of any organisation's strategy and data and analytics play a crucial role in informing this process.

Hybrid working

Mass adoption of hybrid working means we’ve all needed to re-evaluate the role of our offices and the dispersed nature of work.

The benefits of workplace strategy

By listening to your people and gathering relevant data and insights you can support strategic business objectives, rationalise property portfolios and create meaningful employee experiences. Driving cost-savings, talent attraction, stronger cultures and change in ways of working.

The benefits of workplace strategy
Connecting data to stories

Our workplace strategy team works closely with design and delivery teams to analyse and measure the way you use your workplaces, and help define your vision.

Our services include workplace consultancy, in-depth cross-department interviews, data analysis, workplace persona mapping, change management and communication, wellbeing and inclusivity analysis, space rationalisation, accreditation support, technology integration, and sustainability benchmarking. We strive to provide comprehensive solutions that cater to all your workplace needs.

Maximizing workplace efficiency and productivity

A well-designed workplace strategy can bring better attraction and retention of talent, a hybrid working profile, increased profitability, an enhanced company culture, reduced cost of rent, and an improved corporate real estate strategy with increased flexibility. Implementing a detailed workplace design brief is crucial in ensuring the strategy’s success.

Maximizing workplace efficiency and productivity
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