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To deliver an office for frog’s refreshed brand direction that will support the business and its growing team for the next 10 years.


Developing a holistic workplace strategy, pushing the boundaries of design and delivering a world-class office experience.


A transformed space that enables hybrid working and empowers creative experts to work innovatively, collaboratively and flexibly.
People using the welcome area from Frog Shoreditch office
Welcome area of Frog's Shoreditch office
People at the reception area at Frog's Shoreditch office
Bike rack at Frog's Shoreditch office
Meeting room in Frog's Shoreditch office
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The space needed to work harder for their growing team and ambitiously support the business for the next ten years. As an award-winning design consultancy, it was critical to build on its existing heritage while encompassing their refreshed direction

frog has designed for global brands such as Apple, Audi and L’Oréal. Following on from our long-standing relationship with Capgemini (first collaborating in 1997), we partnered with frog to deliver their 10,000 sq ft workspace in Victoria House. The transformed space, delivered in February 2022, enables hybrid working and empowers creative experts to do great work. It now encourages creativity, collaboration and innovation at the highest level, and provides a fantastic experience for employees and clients.

Frog flythrough tour of the office space

A cohesive design

The key to success was to really understand the existing architecture and aspirations of the refreshed brand direction for frog.

The building has an urban and industrial feel, with wood-planked flooring, exposed high ceilings, black crittal glazing and architectural avenues. We had to be aware of certain acoustic challenges of an old building and enhance the bespoke features, aligning them with the new scheme frog was developing.

frog is a company that considers the ethics of design. By working economically with the existing furniture, we were able to maximise on what was already there and work to provide value in the final solution.

The space has been finished with creative details that share the rich history of the frog brand, including an art installation of an original Apple Mac SE, hand crafted kitchen and tableware and bespoke manifestations and artwork.

Designing for designers

Due to the pandemic, we collaborated on the development of this project remotely. Effective communication became more important than ever. We evolved and refined the process over a three-month period, collaborating with the wider Capgemini Invent real estate team and internal departments. Working alongside champions and contributors, we determined the final direction before executive sign-off.

Naturally, as a team of designers, frog had a keen eye for detail and knew what they wanted. This process encouraged our team to push the boundaries of design, reaching above and beyond what were already high standards.

We aimed for a ‘resimercial’ feel, which means the office offers a homely, comforting atmosphere while still reflecting a cohesive company culture and brand. Features such as cushioned window ledges, sofas, planting, soft furnishing and bookshelves help frame a welcoming and relaxed environment.

People using phone booths in the Frog Shoreditch office
People in various work settings in the Frog Shoreditch office
One of the meeting rooms in use in the Frog Shoreditch office
People using the work bench in Frog Shoreditch office

Tech to drive culture beyond the office walls

The new holistic work environment leverages technology for employees to interact seamlessly, both digitally and physically. We implemented tools that facilitate hybrid working and global interactions, with drastically upgraded AV and Teams video conferencing enabled meeting rooms as well as a sharp increase in available power ports and charging stations.

An office fit for the future

The London hub has a completely different feel, reflecting frog’s new found culture.

Perhaps one of the most impressive areas is the re-awakened reception area. frog wanted to create inspiring client experiences, the ethos of the brand is reflected from the moment you walk into the building. The context of the space has changed, to showcase a company with fresh ideas. This is a true place of celebration.

The transformed office allows employees and clients to connect seamlessly, regardless of location. It’s a fun environment, with the tools and spaces needed for focused work, collaboration and socialisation. It supports employee wellbeing, enhances interaction, builds relationships and most importantly fuels creativity.

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