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Design and build a tech hub for MoneySuperMarket’s software engineers, to connect dispersed teams and support productivity and innovation.


We identified eight themes that could positively impact daily work activities, help to attract and retain talent, and make the space work harder for its people.


An intuitive environment that reflects MoneySuperMarket’s brand and inspires software engineers to work efficiently, collaboratively and effectively.
People using the collaborative space in the MoneySuperMarket Manchester office
People using the breakout space in the MoneySuperMarket Manchester office
People using the workspace in the MoneySuperMarket Manchester office
A workspace in the MoneySuperMarket Manchester office
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MoneySuperMarket partnered with us to design and build their first Technical Centre of Excellence for their software engineers at No.1 Spinningfields, Manchester.

Attract. Connect. Innovate.

MoneySuperMarket partnered with us to design and build their new tech hub. The design of their new office had to reflect their brand, attract Manchester’s top talent and support productivity, collaboration and innovation.

The new tech hub needed to feel like a MoneySuperMarket office, and create symmetry between the Manchester and London offices. It also needed to attract Manchester’s top engineering talent, who MoneySuperMarket believe are key to their continuing success.

A creative and collaborative office 

MoneySuperMarket’s software engineers were historically spread across four offices in Manchester and Chester. Dispersed, these teams weren’t able to effectively connect with one another or their customers. It was our task to design and build an office where MoneySuperMarket’s top tech talent could work together as a united team, moving faster to build better products.

The space needed to inspire people to operate efficiently and collaboratively. MoneySuperMarket’s developers also needed to form better connections with their customers (using tech), to empower them to create world-class apps, websites and digital solutions.

Each team has what they need to work collaboratively including lots of wall space for Kanban boards, architecture diagrams and designs.

Dave Hasley, CTO, MoneySuperMarket Group

Person using the workspace in the MoneySuperMarket Manchester office
A social space in the MoneySuperMarket Manchester office

You listened, but most importantly, you understood.

Tim Jones, Group CIO, 

The results

After 13 weeks on site, we delivered an intuitive environment in Manchester, where MoneySuperMarket’s software engineers can do their best work in house and its customers have the services, tools and products they need to grow their money. 

Grant Dean, Lead Designer on the project, had this to say:

“This was an amazing project to work on, with a truly engaging team. We’ve created a great new home for MoneySuperMarket in Manchester. It’s not just an office; it’s a home.”

What’s next for Group?

As a result of the hugely successful environment we co-created, we’ve continued to work with MoneySuperMarket’s central services offices (28,000 sq. ft.) in Ewloe, North Wales. With different team dynamics to the Manchester office, we had to investigate, analyse and understand the different work groups in Ewloe to develop a tailored menu of work settings and an inspiring environment. Read more about the project in Ewloe here.

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