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To move away from siloed, desk-centric teams dispersed across floors to a single, unified office where everyone feels part of the family.


We identified the need for a space where people can work in neighbourhoods, but also bump into one another and enjoy cross-business learning.


A new, open-layout office that supports wellbeing, inclusivity and neurodiversity, and lets people connect with the space and within the space.
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Having already worked closely with Acacium Group across the UK, we knew exactly how to design a solution for their new Manchester workplace that would encapsulate their refined brand strategy.

Taking a national strategy into a local space

Having worked closely with Acacium Group, we knew their vision was not only to become the leading global healthcare solutions provider, but to put people at the heart of their national strategy. 

The first thing we did was select the right building. There was an option to stay in their existing mill on Dale Street, but after some in-depth investigation, we unearthed the perfect spot at Piccadilly Gardens. A better location, a better size, a better floorplate: we knew it would vastly improve the environment for the people working there.


From silos to synergy

A key consideration was moving away from desk-centric teams dispersed across multiple floors. With a single floor, we could maximise every inch of the space. We created small, modular neighbourhoods for teams to work in, but ensured there were opportunities for people to connect and collaborate.

The new building is open plan, to allow people to connect with the space and within the space. To minimise disruption, we developed a range of work settings: some more cellular, some more shrouded, some more open.

Office reception
Focused working area
Meeting room
Office social space

Complementing existing features

By carefully examining the base build, we were able to determine which areas would lend themselves to quiet or retreat areas and which would suit workstations. 

We brought in tactile flourishes, layering texture and patterns to draw the eye around the space. The social area features an exposed ceiling, which gives the feeling of stepping away from the office while being in it. 

The blend of work settings includes fixed hard points such as the reception, meeting rooms and social spaces, which are fitted with the right acoustic and functional properties to work as they should. We then added reconfigurable soft points that can adapt and respond to changing circumstances and work patterns. 

A complete transformation

The result is an office with improved working conditions, more training opportunities and a better experience all round, particularly when bringing new people on board. The Manchester office offers hybrid working, the ability to come together and celebrate, and a direct link to other Acacium spaces. 

This workplace represents a positive evolution of our good work in London, with a more fluid, open environment. It fosters collaboration, supports well-being, inclusivity and neurodiversity, and creates opportunities to bring people together.

“Previously, everyone was desk-centric and siloed across multiple floors. The new space has one floor so employees can work in neighbourhoods and bump into people, which creates more opportunities for cross-business learning.” – Dan Pilling, Workplace Strategy Director, TSK

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