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To deliver a holistic workplace that unites the 20 independent brands operating under the Acacium umbrella.


As a result of our evaluations, we reduced the number of desks by more than half, leaving more space for training, meetings and collaboration.


A flexible, collaborative and digitally enabled environment to support evolving work patterns throughout Acacium’s growth journey.
Coffee point in Acacium London office
Meeting booths in Acacium London office
People working in the focus areas in the Acacium London office
Welcome area in the Acacium London office
Collaborative space overlooking social area in Acacium London office
A meeting room in the Acacium London office
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We partnered with Acacium Group to unify their brands in a single head office, for a holistic and modern working solution. This ambitious project had to accommodate and support diverse roles, each with their own challenges.

A primary perspective of shared goals

Acacium Group’s vision is to become the leading global healthcare solutions provider. They place people firmly at the heart of what they do, from clients and employees to patients and service users.

It was crucial their new workspace supported each of the 20 independent brands operating under the Acacium umbrella. The challenge was to unite them in a way that allows individual goals to be met within a cohesive, high-level culture.

Listen. Understand. Propose.

To better understand how Acacium’s people have developed and adapted since the post-pandemic world, we carefully assessed their four sites across North Central London. We then devised strategy objectives for their business requirements, occupancy and locations.

The centralised location for all London teams offers cost savings on their current office footprint. Employee experience was integral to everything we proposed, with ideas around diversity, equality and accessibility defining how people used the space. To maintain staff growth and attract future talent, it was important to accommodate flexible and more collaborative work.

Work is what you do, not where you do it

Alongside Acacium, we designed a new set of principles for how their brands and teams would experience the workplace, and make active choices about how and where to do their best work.

We met their digital-first and paperless philosophy by introducing non-assigned desks that share a standardised IT set-up. Spaces were then crafted to suit quiet, focused, collaborative and social activities.

We were able to reduce the number of desks by more than half as a result of our evaluations. This led to more informal meeting provisions, with a substantial increase in training and briefing spaces to match the activities of a hybrid workplace. We factored in visitor experience to promote a stronger brand identity that will build the right conditions for overall growth across the next decade.

Coffee point in the Acacium London office
Breakout space in the Acacium London office

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