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Deliver an energetic flagship hub that celebrates the Access brand, fosters connections and draws people into the office.


Our detailed discovery phase defined the new purpose of the office – to enable teams to develop, connect and do their best work.


An office that nurtures culture and supports tasks the home environment can’t, with spaces to collaborate, socialise and innovate.
Social space in Access Group's office
Access Group's office building exterior
Coffee point at The Terrace in Access Group's office
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We designed and delivered Access Group’s new 109,000 sq. ft. flagship office in Loughborough. The energetic new environment draws people into the office and encourages collaboration, community and camaraderie.

Culture at the core

Access Group, one of the UK’s fastest-growing technology companies, wanted to create a flagship office that provided a fantastic working environment for their staff in the Midlands and beyond.  

To better understand their needs and culture, we ran in-depth workshops and discovery sessions. We found their people wanted an office that would foster a sense of pride and connection to the wider organisation.

Access Group’s new central hub, spread across four floors at Loughborough University’s Science and Enterprise Park, needed to celebrate their brand and values. It had to bring employees and customers together in an efficient working space, whilst supporting the organisation’s rapid growth.  

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Enabling people to do their best work

As software and service providers, Access Group’s employees need an environment that encourages customer interactions and enables teams to grow, develop and do their best work. We designed a space that supports tasks the home environment can’t, where people can collaborate and innovate.

“You can’t design culture – culture comes from the people within your organisation. But you can use office design to nurture culture, and create spaces that support work activities and brand values.”

Grant Dean, Lead Designer, TSK

Designing a future-proof office

Access Group’s new office celebrates the uniqueness of the organisation. It provides a welcoming atmosphere with a stunning full-height atrium and huge open workspaces.

Each setting supports different tasks and activities – with connection at the core. There are team breakout spaces on every floor, collaboration pods and tech-enabled meeting rooms. The state-of-the-art Customer Experience Centre on the ground floor encourages engagement and provides an event hub for internal and external audiences.

The new environment is agile and adaptable, with modular furniture, multifunctional spaces and technology built into every area.

Various work settings in the Access Group office
Breakout space in the Access Group office

Bringing people back together

Access Group’s new workplace isn’t just an ‘office’ where people go to work. It’s a place that nurtures culture and brings people together. The spacious roof terrace can accommodate internal functions, events and celebrations – it even comes with an in-house chef! This gives employees an opportunity to socialise, relax and take in the impressive 360-degree views of the beautiful Leicestershire countryside.

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