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To reduce operating costs while supporting hybrid working and a blend of workplace activities.


By mapping out hybrid work patterns and using data, we developed a strategy to support a flexible future.


We reduced the floorplate by 65% while ensuring staff had the tools, space and facilities for an incredible work experience.
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We partnered with the Post Office to deliver a new London workspace that strikes a perfect balance between size, strategy and sustainability.

From initial discovery and workplace strategy to design, fit-out and activation, we guided the entire process to deliver an exceptional workplace experience.

Sorting a solution 

The Post Office was looking for a big change. With an average of only 14% occupancy in its 54,000 sq ft offices, the existing space wasn’t running efficiently. 

Approaching a lease break, the Post Office faced the challenge of determining the appropriate scale for their new property. At a strategic level, there was also a pressing need to reduce costs. As a public organisation, they didn’t want to fund an excessively large office. However, downsizing posed the risk of compromising the working atmosphere needed to nurture a culture of innovation and problem-solving.

Mapping workplace rhythms and meaningful interactions

One of the key priorities for this project was achieving balance – making sure a smaller space could handle sudden influxes of staff or visitors. 

To define the new footprint and shape the design, we ran detailed engagement pieces with Workplace Champions and senior leadership. This data and sentiment guided the Post Office in selecting its new location, while also solidifying a clear vision to create a design that not only evoked a positive experience but magnetised people to come together.

It was important to create a frictionless employee experience too, which is why well-being, refreshment facilities, ergonomics and local amenities all influenced the building and design choices.

Preparing for change

Before the Post Office’s staff moved into their new hub, we organised open drop-in workshops, where they were invited to explore the design and engage in discussions about the change journey. Our team then developed a comprehensive user guide which helped prepare employees before visiting the new office. We also collaborated with the Post Office staff to create video guides that shared valuable information on local amenities and travel routes.

A more streamlined solution

The end result was a transparent, open-plan hub that reduced the Post Office’s space by 65%. 

The oval-shaped design reflects the Post Office logo and acts as the beating heart of the business. We also included a large AV feature with rolling content as a focal point to represent what the business delivers to the community, and created a dual-function social space and TV studio for ongoing meetings so people feel a sense of connection and engagement.

 One of the most impressive parts of the project was the alignment and commitment from the client. By engaging with employees from all levels across the business, the whole process was an exemplar of collaboration.

“A workplace transformation is an exciting but sometimes stressful time. TSK was privileged to help the Post Office transform not only their office but their view of how that space can support growth and business success”Dan Pilling, Workplace Strategy Director, TSK

“I’d like to thank you for all your hard work in landing Wood Street. TSK has been amazing in getting the job done” Martin Roberts, Group Chief Retail Officer, Post Office

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