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To design and build an exceptional shared services centre that would attract 400 people to join Worldpay.


Putting Worldpay’s future staff at the heart of the design, we developed spaces to nurture employees’ physical, social and emotional wellbeing.


The new vibrant office positions Worldpay as a digital organisation that supports social engagement and enables great work.
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We were appointed to change cultural perceptions about what a financial services company can be – presenting Worldpay as a digital organisation – and attract the right pool of candidates to future-proof their success.

Using insights to make the right decisions

Starting from scratch meant we were working with a blank canvas. We teamed up with Worldpay’s recruitment agency, who were conducting psychometric analysis for their perfect candidates. Using this research helped influence a design that would go above and beyond the original brief. 

Shaping a complete cultural shift

Worldpay didn’t want prospective candidates to view them as a financial services company. They wanted to be seen as a digital organisation. So, it was important to exude a digital vibe – a human-centric one.

The new environment appeals to their prospects, introducing plenty of social and collaborative areas with comfortable seating. Worldpay’s future employees’ physical, social and emotional wellbeing was considered throughout every step of the design process. 

The new tech-enabled workplace embraces a vibrant colour scheme and provides plenty of fresh air and natural light.

People using the social space in the WorldPay Manchester office
A variety of workspaces in the WorldPay Manchester office

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