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To turn Allianz's workplace consultancy output into and architectural and technical design pack and deliver an exceptional workplace fit out.


We continued with their national vision for the brand whilst tailoring details that resonate with the location and architecture of the building.


A holistic workplace that empowers employees to feel more satisfied, engaged and empowered to reach their potential.
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Reaching the end of their lease agreement, Allianz were ready to move their Milton Keynes workforce to a smaller but higher quality space. We partnered with Allianz, to bring their workplace consultancy output to life.

Making space work for Allianz

Our previous design, build and consultancy project with Allianz Manchester led us to take inspiration and tailor a slightly different approach for their Milton Keynes programme. Their real estate team had completed a workplace consultancy piece, providing a thorough and workable strategy. We then further investigated their needs and got to understand the detailed architecture of the building during a site visit. 

Through our discoveries, we were able to offer suggestions that would help deliver an enhanced experience for Allianz’s staff and customers. We recommended they take a different portion of the floor plate providing better circulation, client access, and a more agile space. Not only did this provide employees with an improved experience, but it benefited the landlord, who intended to sublet the rest of the building. 

Detail, speed, efficiency

After delivering a detailed architectural and design pack with speed and efficiency, we were ideally placed to then deliver the project and fulfil the design.

The Allianz real-estate team had already created a menu of work settings that their new offices should incorporate. It was important to continue with their national vision for the brand whilst tailoring details that resonate with the location and architecture of the building.

The recently re-fitted property was full of intriguing architectural features such as a semi-exposed ceiling that allows natural daylight to flood the space, promoting health and productivity benefits.

Again, time was of the essence. The new lease agreement was delayed, so we put together an accelerated delivery programme to ensure the team could move in on time without compromising quality.

Healthy habits

As Allianz is on a carbon-neutral ambition journey, we introduced the holistic wellbeing accreditation, Fitwel, to the team. The building is already in an ideal location, just half a mile from the train station, centred around a courtyard and close to gyms, parks, entertainment and restaurants. 

Our team of Fitwel ambassadors ran workshops showcasing how to execute a sustainable procurement policy and explained how various wellbeing components could provide employees with a happier, healthier workplace. These factors include creating a design that focuses on the surrounding community, social and refreshment space and dedicated wellbeing and reset zones.

The power of choice

Allianz’s new modern office space in Milton Keynes gives people more choice in how and where they work. Through intelligent and efficient planning and reducing the number of unused desks, we’ve been able to make the most of the space by creating a variety of work settings.

Employees have places to collaborate, work independently, learn, and take breaks, Teams calls and client meetings. Providing people with more choices has encouraged Allianz’s employees to feel more satisfied, engaged and empowered to reach their potential.

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