An outstanding 20-week transformation in the heart of London

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To deliver a detailed and still evolving design concept over seven floors in just 20 weeks.


By maintaining a high level of communication throughout the project we were able to adapt, overcome challenges and remain flexible.


Repurposing existing elements of the building allowed for a cost-effective solution with maximum environmental benefits.
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A constant high-level flow of communication allowed us to overcome time and logistical restrictions to deliver an impressive high-quality flexspace with many fantastic features.

Prepare, plan, procure 

We had 8-9 weeks to prepare for this project before the 20-week delivery period commenced. During this time we worked hard to ensure we finalised design development, obtained all necessary materials and had a working plan of action in place for the build process. These tight timelines required maximum flexibility and collaboration from everyone involved.

Making the old, new

By reusing existing systems, repurposing materials, and incorporating these features within the design, we were able to carry out minimal modifications where possible.

Recycling the old in this way, allowed us to carry out a speedy, cost-effective solution and delivery while maximising the environmental benefits of the project.

All hands on deck 

At the peak of this project, around 180-200 people were working on-site each day with a huge level of material movement both in and out of the building.

Another major development was underway next door, meaning we were dealing with restricted access in vital areas. We overcame this challenge by appointing a full-time TSK logistics manager to oversee operations and mitigate any potential issues. 

Despite the extent of these works and the number of personnel on-site, the safety record was exemplary. 

Seven floors of stunning flexspace 

The ground floor of this sleek and stylish space features a new lounge and shared workspace with a signature staircase leading up to the higher floors.

The first floor opens out into a new meeting suite and central workspaces, with high-quality kitchen facilities, meeting room spaces and central workspaces, with phone booths available.

The remaining five floors feature individual member offices and modern social spaces with artistic finishes. These member offices provide a fantastic hub for businesses in an excellent location, so we couldn’t help but make one of these our own.

Our TSK team have been working from Moor Place since May 2023 and have been loving it ever since.

Elevating the transformation

One of the most impressive elements of this space is the statement staircase that connects the first two floors. Delays in the approval process meant that the structural steelwork and full installation of the staircase were undertaken with the ground floor space fully open to WeWork members. Despite these setbacks, the project was completed as promised—to an extremely high standard.

“The team did a fantastic job, the space looks amazing and a complete shift from the original facility, with a real attention to detail. The building certainly doesn’t show the level of re-use and adaptation of the original installation.”

Phil Hannis, Chief Operating Officer at TSK

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