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To integrate two distinct offices under a single roof while maximising the space and creating a variety of work settings.


Our strong design narrative means this new office sits comfortably within its portfolio, while remaining true to Manchester’s inimitable style.


A cohesive space that supports hybrid working and acknowledges both the brand and Manchester itself.
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After partnering with this organisation previously, we already had a deep understanding of the organisation's bold workplace vision. We took these learnings into this new project, while also considering the building’s distinctive architecture.

Something special for Manchester

After partnering with this organisation on their Newcastle project, they wanted to come together again to create something special for Manchester too. A workplace where its unique culture can thrive against a locally inspired backdrop. An environment that enhances employee and client experience alike. Acoustic performance. Hybrid working. Sustainability. Yet the biggest theme of all was integration: bringing together two offices under a single cohesive roof.

Mapping out the experience

We began by understanding the organisation's strategic vision – this project was about rationalising their space, providing the right settings for their people and offering a first-class experience to both their employees and their customers. 

Then, we got to know the building and started to map out both the employee and the customer journey. 

The daylight study

By tracking the sun’s path, we were able to maximise natural light and reduce energy consumption. Since people are more productive in naturally lit spaces, we built up a clear understanding of where these areas could be, and placed storage rooms and comms rooms closer to the core (so these spaces wouldn’t take up too much natural light). 

A Mancunian twist

The name Manchester comes from the Latin ‘Mamucium’ – the Roman settlement and fort. Mamucium comes from the Celtic ‘breast-shaped hill’. We used this topography as a starting point for our design narrative and outlined a landscape of undulating ribbons and sophisticated textures. 

The choice of colours and materials for the design is influenced by the local clays and stones found in Greater Manchester. We created a beautifully textural, yet entirely neutral, backdrop which brings a sense of the natural world into the office. In the arrival area, we used organic curves to fashion an inviting ‘funnel’ corridor, which then opens up to the working area, into the enclosed offices, and on to the collaboration spaces. Using gentle, curved lines, we created a seamless journey through the space.

Incorporating sustainable sensibilities

Sustainability is a key cornerstone of every project we work on. And this office was no different. We meticulously chose less wasteful and more carbon-conscious materials and finishes, incorporated efficient mechanical and electrical (M&E) services throughout, and minimised waste and refuse during the construction. 

Communicating change

Getting the team prepared for the transition is a key part of any workplace transformation.

We held a stakeholder engagement session where we walked around the space and showcased a 360-degree visual that allowed attendees to envision how it might transform over time.

We also developed a user guide, including things such as travel routes, access information and easy tutorials on how to book meeting rooms. There are now more work settings to choose from, so the guide is a handy way of explaining what and where those settings are and how staff can access them.

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